Every kiss is a carcass

woman's eyes, every kiss is a carcass, English poem
Love only lives on bitter grounds,
and winter immerses in you
Aren’t we sad
Aren’t we mad
when the butcher slaughters us
Love is to die on bitter grounds,
in the arms of hell we built around
Muddy stomach
The skin is grey
Surgery now is on the run
We may have seen,
We may have speak this word
as I turn my arm I freeze
You touch me grey
now black;
When I holler in your face,
you hear whispers on a rim
You lock up your poison stings
then we can rise another day
After you,
always you lead
taking everything you need
when the world, always for you
I take a hold of nothing
Love only dries out entrails,
I opened wide for you to see
cold cancer
drowned you in
here I am in wasted lands
Love is to devour the precious,
you opened wide for you to see
while inner self so grasping
always aiming for the meat
I call you many names
I was left with black bones
I called you many names
And nobody was loved
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4 thoughts on “Every kiss is a carcass

  1. I find it so deep…
    It’s great!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment!!! ❤


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