It was cracked

basement stairs in the dark
We were laughing, lying on the table
In floral breeze we shared our words
Once in a lifetime, only once
That is what my head spoke to me
Simply as nature, as human beings
We were people of dust but only once
So we walked the line of spiral
Moving under the precious flesh
The man in suit he appeared
Downstairs he signed to me
“Get out of here”
For my call I stepped way down
I walked to see, to dive inside
And it was dark when I wandered
When I saw this white door
But I tried hard, so hold on blood
I won’t let you flow or waste
Up and down I spread to obey
What my mind spoke to me
The man in suit so dogged
Standing by the door
He drew me off
With ruby hands I wipe my head off
To find a way to fix this broken hole
Without fear, no shame on me
All sweaty I bend and pull and push
So the man in suit he lifts my head up
“Was it really worth the dive?”
With forceful words my mind speaks
Yet I make the choice to drift the sky
I left all stained as I was
To see him laughing once again
Outside now is clear, I know
Once in a lifetime, I know
The man in suit so wise
Always by the door
I left it Broken
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