eye of a woman's face
(pause of affection)
..don’t look away my love
don’t tell me it’s hopeless
The things you feel
Your precious words
Fill the glass and drink it all
as if there is beauty
Lick the bottom of yours,
you can feel no sadness
Pity eyes full of sparkle, burn it
all to the ground
don’t tell me you feel
don’t tell me it’s the same
Turn your back a little more,
talk me to the eye
What can you see my love

Eye to Eye;
Yes, just kneel a little more
so you can kiss those feet
Lick the sadness out
drink, the precious one
For you are not the one
not, these words alone
Can you take me down
to the bottom of the glass
Cause I’m there waving at you
long before you knew
And you never saw
Cannot see the hole
Nothing more is left,
nothing more to say
Your precious has fallen,
the words are empty
Can’t you see my love,
my eye has always watched you.
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