a black lighting hole swirling in the void
Pulling out, crashing
Decent pretense
Cure in rotation
Bird without wings
A feather on your palm
Sweetest dimension
Full of perfection
The eyes are watching
Lashes in roots
Lick the mud out
Kneel to the mask
Far beyond and further
Brushes on pale
Be steady, be real
Feed on diversity
Milk is the complexity
Gray in the middle
Red lips are melting
Seep in the mud
Flesh and bones reformed
Dried slobber on the throat
Seep out the child
The man in insanity
The girl with the blob
Sacred perversion
Ruby stain on the thumbs
Wiped out body trunk
At the edge of beauty
Pure frenzy invades
Shepherds humbly cringed
Humming voices in the deep
Time vanished long with sound
Spiral echo so diffuse
The fall
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