Separated in grief

Black&white distorted face screaming in the dark
I go nowhere from this time on
this sticky old hole found a way,
to dismember me where black semen
the seed
a vacant sound
floods in, the maintenance.
We may speak no more for all eternity
for it is the kingdom's law and Lord's perversity
It is a way of sanity to rule the poor minds
Those days of slumber
                          they demand
                          they possess;
I see flesh cuts and terror written
in blood this girl, she smiles to me
leaving her marks:
                        “May the days of prosperity never come”
That is how disgusting and filthy we have become.
Loud cries no longer will ever meet our home
we turned, to silent steel
we are reborn, not from ashes
something faded, haunted bones
Black is the eye now
Dead the rusted hole
As we fade away we scream and yet
we freeze once I knew the hollow
whisper, I called its name too late
much pity for our loss, nothing
no more left to be told
no more
A curse has drifted us away to swollen grounds
This liquid crimson still flows through the veins
But we feel less than alive, 
                                        more like the Reaper Himself
Waiting and mourning for loss and empty shells
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9 thoughts on “Separated in grief

  1. Well written 👏👏

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    1. Thank you so much! It means a lot to me… ❤

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  2. Powerful, emotional and haunting! I loved this poem!

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    1. Thanks sooo much for your kind comment!!! Wish you the best ❤

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    1. Thank you for your kind comment!!! I’m grateful ❤


      1. Pleasure is all mine 😊

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