Absent (She)

Here is an English translation of my poem “Απούσα“. You can also read it in the original form in my Greek poems category. Enjoy!

a woman floating in the air wearing a white dress and silver earrings
 The void approaches,
 it lays on the rope. Slit
 towards the end it hides secrets,
 Gloomy eyes are piercing 
 and the sob, triumphant.
 I drag my body, and the breath is short
 I drag the carcass
 I am nowhere, you are no one
 the red eye pierces through,
 empty altar the barren land
 and death wins,
             and the void.
 Profane, it enters the vein
 thorn, splinter, glass
 solid blood is our pity
 And when the will died
 into the womb of soul
 anorexia, Grey mother,
 a dead cave is born
 the body in oblivion,
 forgot to live
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4 thoughts on “Absent (She)

  1. Very ominous tone. I love it, it’s very engrossing.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words!! ❤

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  2. Fine work, Vallia!✨
    Thank you, for doing translations of your poems.👏

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    1. It is really my pleasure!! Thank you for taking the time reading them!! ❤

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