War inside

This is an English translation of my Greek poem “Πόλεμος μέσα“. You can also read the original form of the poem in my Greek poems category. Enjoy…

a person gagged by two red hands
 They were suffocating, in their existence
 waiting for redemption
 They loved a god, a loved one
 they breathed the marrow of the soul to the end;
 these are spirits everlasting
 They loved, life in death
 they dragged, the body to submit
 They were seeking love, freedom
 They loved, and they do not forget
 the mucus of life, of the regime
 Those people, pure, in ugliness
 they became abortion, inflammation,
                   suffocation’s foster child
 They listened 
 the joy of life
 they embraced 
 the gutter to give birth to light
 And when the dogs lurked sinisterly
 They held unbent, dying one by one
 until some were left
 And they will be redeemed again, with a strong farewell
 A foreign land in the abyss of mucus
 In the mud that spews
 They are still standing
 Because they are living dead
 There from the depths, they rise
 And they are never forgotten
 Because man is a monster
 Soulless empty carcass, lost cause
 And it is the farewell to empathy
 That some still keep
 And they still do not forget,
 and we will not forget either.
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4 thoughts on “War inside

  1. I will not forget this poem either. 👏
    The fourth stanza is a masterpiece in metaphor and imagery.

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    1. Thank you so much!! I’m really glad 😊🙏🏻

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  2. ♥️♥️

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