Rabbits under my skin

A creepy screaming face in black and white on a black background
A little ghost on my back
There is a girl on my back
I almost touch her 

She isn’t built to get enough

She knows what you seem like 
When you torture
As a broken spine we’re meant to be
As always her time is through
When you like to devour

A distant feeling belongs with us
This is not our life
This is not our home

Only away and only inside
The lone one has nowhere to hide
Cause we gave up already
As it gave us away

And before I knew
These tired feet left me behind
And I died a slow death
Through this cure diseased alive

Worn out
A sickly sense
Your figure
An omen of pale

I’m lost in you;


I am everywhere and yet one step behind
To reach the end of days when still it’s not the time

The Doppelganger speaks the truth

“My girl, you’re clinging way too high,
all peeled off just to feel the sky”


Now anything you say is wind in my ear

Your desire left me cold

Your fumes unforgotten and fatal

The things you didn’t do caused everything

Now you see

 I’m all fed up
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