a hand pleading for help in a vast ocean
I see change, I see
I see my corpse floating
on water in places forgotten
and lonesome, through
thick leaves starvation comes
I see you smile, tonight
with pleasure
The breed I'm feeding tears me
deep when cold breeze
cracks the bones
I take no pleasure fitting in
           the crowd
This heavy cloak scratches my skin
I am bound
to seek into the exit sign
I find release to live
forever in the long sleep
She wants revenge,
the whole world on her knees
Sip by sip
the shame dives in, and menace
rules the world we live in
Gasp for air
my child of disgrace
Gasp for freedom
The one that will never come
I will be there for you,
so gasp for air
I will be for us to fall
for me,
to be your Martyr.
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