A complex disease (part 1)

a mood board containing pictures about a complex disease
 An old man’s sweat
 That is how they smelled
 the days of our life
 A sludge that never got out
 a grey one 
 That is how they tasted
 the last days of our life
 That is the flavor of a long weep
 a brainstorm
 The wicked hollers, the cries
 The unknown feelings of suffer
 They get close to me
 As a doppelgänger of sulfur
 They smile as I smile
                                            as I wonder in despair
                                            as I look into their eyes
 Petrified as I stack in their mess
 A façade of the old days
                                            the deadpan days, the blurry ones
                                            and they bite constantly
                                            and they smell of the fatal seed
 The One will bring the Gore
 One of me half alive in the Hole
 May One bring primal Destruction
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12 thoughts on “A complex disease (part 1)

  1. Brutal.
    But brilliant.

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      1. You’re so welcome 🖤

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  2. Your last line, actually the last two words, summarize this poem so perfectly.
    I could not stop reading these lines~
    “That is the flavor of a long weep
    a brainstorm”
    I haven’t had a long weep in a long time. I am probably overdue, but I immediately was reminded of the taste of this experience. Salty, honest, cleansing, real, human…
    I also love the use of the word “brainstorm” – creative play with words.

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    1. Thank you so much, Michele… Your supporting words are always precious to me.💖🙏🏻

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      1. You are welcome. Always a pleasure reading your work. I only wish I could read your poems in both of your languages. 😀

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  3. Thanks for showing some love. Will definitely check out some of you work

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    1. Thank you so much!✨🙏🏻 You seem to write from the heart too… Will read more of your work too 😊🖤

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  4. The only way i know haha. Let the journey begin haha. Great work by the way. I can definitely feel the feels haha

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