Ruin parts

woman holding her hands, ruin parts, english poem
The tongue in my mouth cannot speak out
Glory in her heart,
the bunny will cry loud
On your chest the routes are growing
They spit the sludge out,
they are my own
These hands. Will they shake?
These brains. Will they blow on your face?
Keep me still, I must not move,
look away
Shove them in
as I pray I have to pay
We are the scars upon
a Kingdome lost
From the moon,
through blood we cross
This mouth. Will it suck more?
These feet. Will they hold?
Feeling breath inside down
feeding worms
Stain, you live preciously
to hate me more
This hole. Will it burn to the ground?
This puny. Will it drain me?
This eye will be dead calm
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