In a maze

three girls drinking, in a maze, English poem
Welcome little stranger
Come sit down with me,
into the grey valley, Crimson
is the color you see
For children, they play no more  
You hear my voice,
hey little stranger, I hear no more
No absence though is stated, but
you know what you seem is a lie
What I feel is with no emotion
Little stranger I need your company
tonight I die slowly
lying on this bar,
Inhaling - Exhaling
the gore of distant past
Can you hear me little stranger
I cannot move, you cannot breathe
anymore, the beat is pounding
In this little hole
I should stay, though I must leave
The beast is coming
The beast is here
At midnight everything stops
I am yours when I am not to be found
yet, I live through madness,
through fear I am
through with all the madness.
I dance now through ambient
Too much loud, it pierces me tough
I am dead now
I cannot breathe
Exhaling now,
I am found almost in depth
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