Walking down the street

a mood board containing a collage of photos about the poem called "walking down the street"
a relationship of the worst kind
i’m going to write down tonight;
upon my body, the curse lifted
my guts are cellophane compressed in walls
in people of many colours, free spirits
meddling with them, i am one of the whole
as a shelter, a guidance , my short breath
i live in those bodies, in their speech or silence
of many colours, i swallow them to the bone
quietly but surely, i walk through, fairly
as the breeze, a stranger, i keep on shifting into
something unidentified, made by ether
unknown entity of mine

Breeding As I Breath
At Last I Live
Defeated By My World
Someone Familiar
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8 thoughts on “Walking down the street

  1. “Impersonating someone familiar” –
    feels like I have been there a good few times.

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  2. Excited to see a post from you! Your poems are always a thought-provoking and mind-expanding experience. 🖤

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  3. You’re back Val…with such an amazing poem…I love the imagery & the depth 💫

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      1. You’re welcome, dear Vall 💫🙏✨

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  4. Always a mind-stretching experience reading your poems 👍

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