a mood board showing two hands trying to touch one another in a black&red background
Our beloved story is full of mold
Our beloved tale like no other

A canvas bleached in colors gray
Our bodies as one, an inevitable bond
you’re whispering something unworldly
you cannot look me in the eye
embarrassed but boldly you grow
from a mold rooted and ancient

I look at you suspiciously 
I am terrified of you; 

laying down your eldritch papers
full of meaning thrown down on the floor
I keep on trembling in your arms
crying out loud for help to come
there were none

Suspiciously the air thickened;

I saw it entering, seeping in my body
I felt it grabbing at my fingertips
eons of terror in moments repeated
waking up while losing breath

Feeling my spirit breaking
Your mold found its way to the core

The scene repeats itself;
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6 thoughts on “Unholy

      1. Most welcome my friend 🖤

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  1. This is brilliantly written…

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      1. You’re welcome Val!!

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